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Human Resources:

As a pioneer in Home-Textile, Alltex is continuously emphasizing on the development of human resources and making reasonable investment for acquisition, development and retention of talented and dynamic professionals. Our company has specific programs for training, Employee development & welfare activities, allocation of responsibilities & authority, performance appraisal, job enlargement & enrichment along with such an environment, which is conducive to individual growth and motivates employees to put in their best effort for achieving proper and defined organizational goals. We ensure one of the best HR practices in our organization which leads the attractiveness for new hires and also the retention of competent personnel with their wholehearted effort and loyalty towards the organization. Alltex always approaches on its ‘Policy Talks’. The Management encourages taking all operational and functional decisions as per Company policy. In this regard we have competent, standard, updated and socially based policies to run the functions of the organization in a standard manner. Enabling people to harmonize working life with family life has been one of the strengths of our HR policies.


• Attract qualified personnel by creating a motivated workplace & Retain competent employees by creating a superior workplace.

• Arrange the appropriate training for new hires from the outset & Encourage employees to maintain professional skills and give them the opportunity to develop and creating “Can - DO” mentality.

• Ensure maximum employees success – empower the individual, provide an opportunity to show initiative and command independent initiative.

• Maintain a spirit of ambition, efficient decision-making, flexibility and quick responses to changes & create a strong management team.

• Sustain an environment that supports a balance between work and life.

• Ensure equal opportunities, with regard to employment, work facilities, assignments, training, job development and salaries & align the interests of employees with the interests of the organization.


ALLTEX Human Resource division has implemented comprehensive HR Software that operates a central storage of HR data with the number of extensive workflows, notifications & analytical reports. It establishes a mutual environment for the HR specialists, managers & employees in order to provide the effective management & compliance. Through this software, Alltex adopts environment friendly processes in every steps of HR from recruitment to career management, compensation to performance management & availing leave to talent management. AIL HR Policies sets forth the requirements with respect to the following bellow-

Employment: Alltex employment policy is to attract, retain and motivate skilled resources. The company offers competitive compensation package and provides equal opportunity for career development to all employees. It is the hiring of the “right” people that fosters learning, developing, growing and striving organization and hence, the company activity pursues hiring of the “best fit” according to business need and respecting organizational values through proper human resource planning, using effective assessment methodology, ensuring efficient process and establishing & maintaining a strong employer brand. Alltex maintain Zero tolerance regarding child labor & Forced Labor.


Training & Development: Alltex HR Department arranges an orientation program for few days/weeks for new employee & hires. Basically it is applicable for the Worker to Executive level. The authority can terminate orientation program any time without any reason. In the orientation period candidate work different department and collect the important information or data which is helpfull for his job. And the candidate makes a report/document after the completion of orientation program and submitted to HR Department. The contents of the report will not share with people parties outside of the company. The intern must submit a copy of the report/document to the supervisor/ HR of attachment.

Performance Appraisal: Alltex has some formal or informal means of appraising their employees’ performance. Performance appraisal means evaluating an employee’s current or past performance relative to his or her performance standards. While ‘appraising performance’ usually brings to mind specific appraisal tools such as the teaching appraisal form, the actual form are only part of the appraisal process. Performance appraisal also always assumes that the employees understood what his or her performance standards were, and the supervisor also provides the employee with the feedback, development and incentive required to help the person eliminate performance deficiencies or to continue to perform above par. The aim should be to improve performance. Alltex follows employee skill Gap analysis and training need analysis.

Health & Safety: Safe & healthy working environment, risk prevention by minimizing the hazards, health & safety training, sanitary facilities, access to drinking water, and access to emergency or accidental facilities.

Freedom of association & the right to collective bargaining: The right to form and join trade unions, no discrimination of union members, free access for union representative to their members at the workplace.

Discrimination: No discrimination in hiring, compensation, access to training, promotion, termination or retirement based on: race, caste, national origin, religion, disability, gender, sexual orientation, union membership or political affiliation. No sexual harassment.

Leave Management: Leave can not be claimed as a matter of right it is viewed as privilege. As per Bangladesh Labor Code 2006 Alltex Practice Five types of leaves of their employees. i.e. Casual Leave C/L, Sick Leave S/L, Earned Leave E/L, Maternity Leave M/L, & Festival Leave F/L..

Disciplinary practice: As per Bangladesh Labor Code 2006 Alltex Practice all types disciplinary action of their employee’s .No corporal punishment, mental or physical coercion and verbal abuse.

Working hours: Maximum 48 hours per week with 1 day-off every 7 days, and overtime work should not exceed 12 hours per week. Overtime work is an exception and always paid at a premium rate.

Compensation & Benefits: Wages shall be at least minimum requirement or at industry standard. No deductions for disciplinary purpose. Wages & benefits must be detailed clearly and regularly. Full legal compliance regarding appropriate compensation law. On the other hand Alltex Provided Group Life Insurance for All employees, Medical Facility, Gratuity, Children Education Allowance Stipend, Personal Loan, Festival bonus, Attendance Bonus, etc as benefits.

Today’s organization demands that the HR function delivers value-added services. This requires a sharp business focus from HR professionals and the delivery of high quality HR systems that are integrated into the organization’s strategy and operations. People are most valuable resources for the progress of the organization. For the development of these valuable resources there are many factors involved. Human Resource Management procedures play the most important role. To increase the productivity of an organization effective, dynamic Human Resource Management procedure is essential. Alltex Industries Ltd’s practices a progressive Human Resource Management procedure. HR personnel of Alltex Industries Ltd are now expected to work beyond the boundaries of contracts and policies to contribute directly to the operation and success of the business.


ALLTEX has adopted Code of Conduct (Code) approved by the Board of Directors, which reflects ALLTEX’s core values, integrity, respect, trust and openness. It provides clear direction on conducting business, interacting with the community, government, business partners and general workplace behavior. It also includes guidance on disclosure of conflict of interest situations, maintaining confidentiality and disclosure of information, good international practices and internal control and the duty to report where there is a breach against the code. The codes are properly communicated to all the employees including its Board Members and others acting on behalf. Who are strictly required to abide by it. The following principles provide the foundation for assuring public trust in professional regulation:

* The Board is responsible for ensuring that the business activities are soundly administered and effectively controlled. .

* The Managing Director & CEO acts to reasonably ensure that Alltex operates business as per the Articles of Association, decisions made by the Board and Shareholders, as well as according to Alltex Policies and Procedures and applicable regulatory legislations.

* The Board recognizes that the decision-making process is highly dependent on the quality of information furnished.

* Alltex believes good Corporate Governance involves openness and trustful cooperation between all stakeholders involved in the Company, including the owners of the Company– the Shareholders.

* Board members should observe the highest standards of ethical conduct and comply with all laws, rules and regulations to which they are subject.

* When making public statements on Alltex -related matters, Board members should make clear whether they are speaking on behalf of the Board and inform or consult with the Chairman or Managing Director & CEO.

* In performing their duties, Board members will carry out their responsibilities to the exclusion of any personal advantage.

* Board members shall strive to avoid actions (including actions regarding their personal interests) which would have a negative impact on either their duties as Board members or the interests of the Alltex.

* If a conflict of interest, or the appearance of a conflict of interest, with the Alltex arises, the Board member should take action, as appropriate, to address the conflict. The Board member should inform the Chairman or Managing Director & CEO, who may, if appropriate, raise the matter with the Board.

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